Neglected Herbal Medicine Industry

The herbal medicine is a billion-dollar industry and the world is gradually moving towards organic and herbal medicine as it’s use is completely harmless. However​,in Pakistan herbal medicine industry is being neglected and policies of government are discouraging for the existing set-ups. Herbal medicine is also being used in production of allopathic medicine. Traditional and herbal medicine have been used for the treatment of general and some specific diseases across the country for years. according to reports, Pakistan has potential to earn over USS 45 billion through exports of herbal medicine, if granted permission to prepare medicine at local level. Authorities should take steps to utilize Rich Flora found in Pakistan’s northern region. Government should encourage local herbal medicine practitioners as proper treatment of this industry can also be helpful in boosting Pakistan’s economy. An international level research center should also be established to ensure quality and explore new dimensions in herbal medicine research.article

My Article about Herbal Medicine


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